See a need, fill a need
The key phrase from the “Robots” – the famous animated film, from the “Blue Sky Studios” company, on which was based this artwork. It is almost entirely recreated a part of the scene from the film, except for some changes by me. The picture shows one of the amusing character – a flying coffee pot robot.
See a need, fill a need
During the creation of work, I have used a video from the film as reference materials.

Curiously, during the work, I had many times to scroll frame by frame the some moments in the film, and I drew attention to one feature – that the location of objects, for every camera can be changed. For example, remembering this scene from the film, with one camera , a screwdriver can lie on the table, but when switching to another camera it is can not be there, or it may lie somewhere else :-)
Apparently, objects for each camera are setting up so that everyone was looked most harmoniously with the artistic point of view. Naturally, under normal viewing of the film, such things simply unnoticed.
Clay render
See a need, fill a need - clay render